By listening to the experiences of veterans and engaging with the public, private and voluntary organisations that represent them, I can make recommendations and observations that aim to help improve the support available to our veterans. Previous reports published by my office can be found here.

Positive Futures: Getting Transition Right in Scotland – Health and Wellbeing

Where health and wellbeing is concerned, too many still struggle to adapt and find it difficult to access and navigate health care in a less familiar civilian world that they may not have been a part of for some time. We know that can contribute to other problems, either soon after leaving or in later years and it can affect a whole family.

March 2022

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Positive Futures: Getting Transition Right in Scotland – Housing: Making a Home in Civilian Society

We have seen an improvement across many aspects of transition in recent years – including housing, which presents some unique challenges – but we are still not getting it right for everyone. We need to act now to build on improvements, especially for those vulnerable to a failed transition, who risk entering a cycle of homelessness and the knock-on effects of that. For most that’s entirely preventable.

June 2021

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Positive Futures: Getting Transition Right in Scotland – Employment, Skills and Learning

This report focuses specifically on the areas of employment, skills and learning. It makes suggestions and broad outcomes-based recommendations to the Scottish Government and others, for improvements aimed at getting transition right to benefit the individual and their family as they transition and become veterans, living and working in Scotland.

December 2020

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Positive Futures: Getting Transition Right in Scotland

Getting the right support or advice to the right person at the right time is a real challenge. Transition can be particularly harshly felt when so many aspects of an individual’s life change at the same time.

November 2019

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Veterans Health & Wellbeing: A Distinctive Scottish Approach

Our assessment of where things currently stand and what the future might hold can be found throughout this report, alongside findings and recommendations aimed at the Scottish Government, NHS Scotland and their partners.

April 2018

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Veterans’ Health & Wellbeing in Scotland – Are We Getting it Right?

Are the needs of our veterans population properly understood and considered by those who work in health and social care? Do veterans face any disadvantages when accessing health and social care provision? Does the health system properly fulfil our obligations to those veterans with the most severe and enduring illnesses and injuries acquired as a result of their military service? Are the health outcomes of our veterans population as good as they can be?

August 2017

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The Veterans Community – Employability, Skills and Learning

Third report from the Scottish Veterans Commissioner advising Scottish Ministers on improving employment and learning opportunities for veterans in Scotland.

November 2016

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Scottish Veterans Commissioner – Housing Information

Report on the Provision of Information on Housing for Service Leavers and Veterans in Scotland.

August 2015

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Scottish Veterans Commissioner – Transition in Scotland

In Scotland approximately 1800 men and women complete their military service and settle – many with their families - in our communities every year. As Scottish Veterans Commissioner, I have been asked by the Cabinet Secretary with responsibility for veterans, Keith Brown, to investigate how this diverse group prepare for, and cope with, transition using the recent studies by Lord Ashcroft, Forces in Mind Trust and others as a baseline.

March 2015

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👏 Congratulations to the 17 projects awarded a share of the Scottish Veterans Fund 2023-24 to help them continue providing ex-service personnel with support for physical and mental health, financial, employment and cost of living challenges. Pictured is Veterans Minister Graeme Dey visiting Community Veterans Support in Glasgow. The organisation has been awarded £18,536 for its Warmer, Healthier, Safer Veterans project which is providing food, peer support and financial advice to veterans facing challenges as a result of the cost of living crisis. Read more about the Fund here: #SupportForVeterans #ScottishVeteransFund #VeteransSupport
3 days ago
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Really interesting visit to @combatstress yesterday to meet with staff and veterans at their new Edinburgh Hub. It was great to hear more about their services and veterans' personal experiences of using them. #veteransmentalhealth #veteransvoices #itsokaytoaskforhelp
1 week ago
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I recently had the pleasure to visit Sight Scotland Veterans’ Hawkhead Centre in Paisley and see first hand the outstanding work they do supporting veterans with sight loss across the country. Learn more on our website via the link in our bio.
2 weeks ago
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A Forces Pension Society campaign is encouraging #veterans who may have unclaimed pension benefits to come forward. This could be anyone aged 60 or over who served after April 1975. If you or someone you know could be eligible, get info about making a claim at #ForcesPensionSociety #ForcesPensions #VeteransPensions
3 weeks ago